Flex Cache

Last year alone, gift card usage was up 139%. Why? Gift cards make money! Gift card usage is increasing fast because customers love them. That's why Paymentech has developed a comprehensive gift card program called FlexCache. FlexCache is an end-to-end stored value program that features everything you need to issue spending credit. There are two FlexCache program options to choose from - Gold and Silver. So you can choose the correct program that's right for your business. Whether you select FlexCache Gold or Silver, you'll be able to offer your customers stored value cards including gift, pre-paid, employee and merchandise return quickly and easily.

How FlexCache Works

FlexCache is easy to implement because stored value cards can be issued and activated at the time of purchase. Cards can be pre-denominated with a specific amount on the face of the card, or they can have no pre-set value so you define how much value to place in your customer's account at the time of issuance. Value can be added and deducted from a card any time your customer uses it to purchase goods or services. Customer receipts are simple to understand because they include a remaining balance. Paymentech provides full-service customized stored value programs, training and help desk support, database maintenance and transaction processing and reporting.

Why FlexCache is Right for You

FlexCache is flexible and enables any business, regardless of its size, to implement a comprehensive stored value program. We can even migrate your existing stored value program to the Paymentech FlexCache program with just a few simple steps.