WinRest™, Award-Winning POS Software from ABS Point of Sale Inc.

WinRest™ Award-Winning POS Software
#1 in Customer Satisfaction in a recent North American Customer Satisfaction Index Survey.

Quick Service
 WinRest™ and its Award-Winning family of products provide a comprehensive suite of application tools for any hospitality environment. With intuitive screens and flexible menu setup, including customized order prompts to help cashiers, WinRest™ ensures increased productivity and cost savings by utilizing advanced management features.

WinRest™ and its family of products are highly recommended for general type Restaurant and/or Bar, Sandwich Shop, Pizzeria, Steak House, Cafe Shop, Deli, Buffet, Catering business, Doughnut or Pastry Shop, Hotel restaurant/kitchen, Sports Arena, Pool Hall, Movie Theatre, Entertainment Complex and more.

All versions of WinRest™ can be easily configured for any Drive-thru environment. With easy setup and configuration, orders can be placed, payment received, and the prep instructions sent to the kitchen in a matter of seconds. Enhance this with high-speed credit card processing by WinAuthorize™ and a kitchen video system and software by WinVue™ for orders to bring new meaning to the term "Quick Service." Our Powerful kitchen video display software utilizes optimized grid and colour configuration, which simply order preparation and communication, and decreases the average time it takes to complete an order.

The order begins when the telephone rings and Caller ID displays your customer's name and number. WinRest™ will display the address, last order and delivery instructions printed with each order. You can assign orders to drivers for delivery and track sales by driver. We make it simple for cashiers to ring up menu items from the customer's last order, and WinRest™ has suggestive selling prompts to help increase sales. Whether your business operates as a Full Service, Quick Service, Delivery or Pick-up, WinRest™ offers the features that will make it easy to serve your customers.
Full Service
We offer a comprehensive solution for wait stations, bar terminals, cashier stations, and hostess stations. WinRest™ empowers staff with speed and convenience. Start a tab with the touch of a button or the swipe of a credit card, and close checks quickly with a one-touch Cash button.

Furthermore, with WinRest™  you can recreate your actual floor plan to make it easier for servers to view and access their tabs. The Table Screen also provides information at-a-glance for Managers, Hosts, and Bussers regarding the current status of each table.

GuestScreen™ Simple and Affordable Guest-Flow Management

And enhance front of house operations with WinRest Guest Screen™.  Instantly enhance the hostess station to efficiently seat guests during peak hours. Enter their name, number in party, seating preference, and quoted wait time, and WinRest™ will track the actual wait times for you. When a table is ready for a customer, put a check mark in the "seated" field to remove their name from the wait list. You can also record customer cell phone numbers to page guests when you are ready to seat them.

WinRest Enterprise™
Built specifically for franchise and multi-location restaurants, WinRest Enterprise™ was designed to save time, reduce franchisee and corporate costs, ensure constant communication and enhance productivity. Want to know the sales totals for all of your stores over the past week, or month? WinRest Enterprise™ provides organizations ultimate control with the ability to proficiently manage the exchange of information between the corporate offices and your point of sale work stations. Managing your enterprise has never been so easy..
WinRest Enterprise™ for Multi-Location and Franchise Point of Sale
Food Cost and Inventory Control
Keep track of their product inventory levels and purchases easily with all versions of WinRest™. If the inventory isn't there when the customer is ready to buy, the patron isn't happy and you've lost a sale. Billions are lost every year simply because inventory isn't on hand. But it doesn't have to be this way. WinRest™ keeps you informed so you know what you have and what you need to keep things going.
Comprehensive Reporting with Report Automation
Every business has its own unique needs, and we offer the power and versatility necessary to help you run your restaurant. Managers require easy access to real-time and historical sales data, everything from general sales reports and forecasts to transaction-level details. 

WinRest™ has powerful, flexible consolidated reporting. In addition to general sales information, track items sold, voids, refunds, discounts, customer receipts, sales by server, and cost of labor information. Customize your own menu reports to track server sales contests and easily monitor sales trends for different menu items or groups of items. Running regular Daily and Weekly sales reports will archive the sales information for historic reports, and these reports are generated by date range, so you can view the information for any desired range of dates: a single day, a week, a month, a quarter, or even the last two years.

Furthermore, WinRest™ keeps your team informed with programmed alerts and notifications. Have reports sent directly to your inbox, mobile device, smartphone, or anyone that you see fit.

Windows® Based Tablet operating WinRest™
Increase Revenue with Multi-screen Advertising

Increase your revenue by implementing multi-screen moments of engagement with AdScreen™; the easiest integrated solution that can help connect with your audience across every screen. AdScreen™ is a powerful application that bridges the gam between your inventory and partnerships to your end users. Use dynamic content to quickly deliver insightful proposals, decrease perceived wait times, increase impulse purchases and much much more.

Dual Screen Point of Sale System operating WinRest™  andAdScreen™
Comprehensive Employee Management

Managing your restaurant staff is easy with the many Employee Utilities that are built right into every version of WinRest™. From scheduling, pay, reporting, availability, eligibility, table ownership makes WinRest™ the best application for practically any environment.

WinRest™ Employee Sign-In Screen