WinRest™, Award-Winning POS Software from ABS Point of Sale Inc., Features

Quick Service
  • Drive-Thru with dual window support
  • Interface to WinVue™ Kitchen Video System
  • Interface to Drive thru order confirmation screen
  • Registers can be set as separate revenue centers
  • Customer display
  • Employee Time Clock at any workstation
  • Ability to print and send messages
  • Several integrated credit card interfaces including high speed processing
Full Service
  • Item and check splitting
  • Easily transfer tables between server audits
  • Customizable table layout allows you to replicate your existing floor plan
  • Allows open tabs with credit card Pre-authorization
  • Interface to GuestScreen™; customer wait list with seating preference
  • Automated database backup
  • Several integrated credit card interfaces including high speed processing
Credit Cards
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing through Mercury Payment Systems with WinAuthorize™
  • Credit Card Pre-Authorization
  • Automated Credit card batching during nightly closeout
  • PCI Compliant
Gift Cards
  • Personalized Gift cards with restaurant logo
  • Gift card handling through Mercury Payment and Sterling Payment
  • Gift card reports containing payments, charges, and balances of gift card accounts
Frequent Customer
  • Easily create frequent customer plans and discounts
  • Create accounts for each customer with personal access number or card
  • View and print account statements at any time
Back Office
  • Print reports to any 80-column printer
  • Back office allows for instant access to current sales, menu maintenance, employee maintenance, and various real-time reports
  • Easily manage and record Paid Outs and Refunds
  • Email reports anywhere
Self Service
  • Puts the ordering power in the customer's hands
  • Customer or Cashier Pay
  • Ideal for hospital cafeterias or any place with employee accounts
Inventory Management
  • Inventory utilities to help reduce food costs
  • Complete menu cost analysis
  • Input PO's and Invoices
  • PDA interface
Employee Scheduler
  • Create daily templates for shifts needed
  • Regulate when employees can punch in/out
  • Set shift restrictions based on labor laws and age requirements
Phone In and Delivery Ordering
  • Interface to caller Id
  • Phone Order customer database stores customer's name, address, phone number, as well as last items ordered
  • Configurable automatic delivery charge and driver payment amounts
  • Call ahead phone ordering with deposits
  • 80 Column phone order invoices
Corporate Polling
  • WinRest Enterprise™ corporate polling module for companies with multiple locations
  • "Real-Time" acquisition of store sales data
  • Make changes to menus, discounts, and employees from corporate office and send changes to individual location or to all locations
  • Real-time reports for up to the minute information
  • Non-resettable Grand totals
  • Sales history stored up to 2 years
  • Optional 40-column or 80-column report printing
  • Optional emailing of all reports
  • Sales Summary report with balance sheet and pie graphs
  • Automated nightly and weekly closeout with automatic emailing
  • Exports in .CSV and .IIF formats for use in a variety of applications
Menu Programming
  • Create a variety of menus using, categories, departments, and menu items
  • Assign menu items to buttons and customize size, shape, and color scheme of buttons as well as product logos
  • Create combo menu items
  • Multi level and timed pricing
  • Mandatory and optional menu item modifiers
  • Complete scale interface
  • Handles pool table charge times with ease
  • Can handle light retail with barcode creation and scanning
Discount Programming
  • Create coupons, discounts, gratuities, and service charges
  • Create discount cards and events
  • Coupons can be set to expire
  • Time and day availability can be customized
  • Customizable security settings
Food Preparation Forecasting
  • Shave points off your food cost by creating forecast sheets based on sales history
  • Create custom "Prep Sheets" based on time intervals
  • Less waste by prepping closer to product usage by relying on actual sales data
  • WinRest™ supports wireless devices for order taking and Inventory Management